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Well here we are... less than 3 weeks to the World Cup and smack in the middle of high season! (Or so the few hundred emails in my Inbox would suggest). :)

Namibia is easily accessible with major airports not only in Windhoek (the capital) but also a short flight away in neighboring South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Seeing as there are so many people gearing up to come to South Africa we though we would give you an idea of what you can do before, after, or instead of the World Cup.

Check out some hot tips to save you money, Dayne's awesome short overland tour up to Swakopmund, and the latest discounts and specials for May.

See you next month!

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Top 5 Namibia Overland Trips

Top 5 Swakopmund Adventure Activities

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Specials and Discounts for May

Waxing Philosophical

Mae West must have been to Namibia...

When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I have never tried before.

Desert Sands - Daynes Overland Trip to Namibia

Bordering on South Africa and few hundred kilometers from Cape Town lies the Namib Desert. Not being an avid camper I decided to suck it up and head for Namibia on a week-long overland trip which explores a small part of this country.

Leaving Cape Town I still wasn't sure this was the best idea (not being a fan of camping) but I put on a brave face and we headed for the border with 16 other new faces on our overland truck.

We woke up early and there was no turning back as we crossed the border. The first few days on an overland tour is normally spend checking out your fellow travelers and getting used to camping and pitching tents and by day 2 we were like family already. We spent 2 glorious days camping next to the historic Orange River. The campsite had the most amazing bar right on the water’s edge and soon enough we had had enough beers to brave the river and swim across to Namibia. Why? Because it was there!

We cross the border into Namibia and headed for Fish River Canyon. On the way we passed loads of animals and had awesome photo opportunities as most of the animals weren’t even bothered with the truck passing by. After the Fish River Canyon we were finally seeing the desert sand creeping up and the landscape was changing from dry bushes to sand. I felt tiny and in awe of this desert that has the respect of so many that came before us and of those still living in it.

Everything in Namibia has vast distances between them and you can spend hours driving just observing the desert landscape and doubting whether you on the right road.

We entered the Namib Naukluft National Park and arrived in the middle of the desert. Our camp was surrounded by sand dunes that move very slightly every 100 years or so. The next morning we were up before the sun came up in our rush to get to Dune 45. I was looking at the Dune from a distance and thinking what is all the fuss about, I can easily do this. We were to climb to the top of the dune and watch the sun rise. Well, easier said than done but eventually we reached the top. We were all pretty tired but watching the sunrise in the desert was humbling. The colors were amazing and the view from the top showed just how massive this dune field really is – and endless sea of caramel ripple ice cream.

We spent the day exploring Deadvlei on a walking tour. The endless desert looks so empty but you would be surprised at the volume of creatures that live in it. Our local guide was the expert at finding things we had overlooked. Cooling off in the pool back at camp was a perfect end to the day.

Next we were heading for Swakopmund, known as the adventure capital of Namibia. We arrived and were introduced to all the ways of having fun in the desert from sand boarding, quad biking and sky diving, to cultural tours and scenic flights. I opted for a easy option and spent half the day on a quad bike exploring the dunes surrounding Swakopmund. This was so exhilarating and the most fun I have had in ages - I regretted not doing it for a full day!

Namibia has so much to offer but sadly my 7 days were over and I made the most of Swakopmund by lazing on the beach and exploring other adventure activities.

Next trip – Swakopmund to Vic Falls!

Happy trails, Dayne.

Top 5 Namibia Overland Trips

Too hard to choose just one 'trip of a lifetime'?

We make it easy for you with the Top 5 Overland Trips to Namibia right here...

Top 5 Swakopmund Adventure Activities

I hear you thinking... if Namibia is all desert, what do we do there?

Fair question.... Here is the answer!

How To Choose An Affordable Overland Tour

Everyone likes to save some money occasionally.

Here are some insider tips to help you get the biggest bang for your buck.

Specials and Discounts for May

Says it all really!

Bring a mate and get up to 17.5% off selected Africa overland trips!

Waxing Philosophical

To understand what Africa is you have to know what it isn’t.

Africa isn’t just the Big 5 or Table Mountain. It isn’t just Victoria Falls or the Serengeti. Not even deserts at one end or jungle at the other – those are things you see. The real Africa is about how it makes you feel.

It is the complete peace of a blazing sunset.
The heart pounding thrill of a stalking lion.
The desolation of an endless shimmering desert.
The humbled stance next to millions of litres of falling water.
The mutual camaraderie of shared jokes with a shack dwelling lady (about men who leave towels on the floor).
Rich and poor, big cities and small villages, black and white, green and brown and endless blue.

'They' say ‘Life is about the journey, not the destination’. Aren’t they talking about travel too?

So put down your cell phone and time schedule, get rid of the ‘straight out of the guide book’ itinerary and leave your preconceptions, misconceptions and expectations at home. Africa is not about accumulated stamps in the passport or the best camera for the shot.

Africa is an experience and one not to be missed!

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